FastAd (is an abbreviation) for Fast-Administration, But what does it mean ?

When you have a question, or an issue, do you have time to wait for an answer ?

Most companies would make you wait for a technician to come out to resolve your issues. Our approach is altogether different in many ways.

1)  We engineer your systems so that we can check performance, perform upgrades, monitor your backups, and overall system performance, during your off-hours, so that the maintenance occurs in background, without wasting your time.

2)  We can remotely and securely come into your workstations and servers to interactively offer our assistance when you need it, not a week or more later. You also don't have to wait for us to schedule an appointment, then "drive out to your facility", as we are there when you need us.

3)  Training can also be so much easier, as we can instruct as well as troubleshoot, right at your desktop. There will be those times when classroom training would be more cost effective, or necessary for groups of people, but for those simple issues that arise, especially after the group training is over, nothing beats the direct access approach.

4)  Whether you have in-house servers or cloud computing resources, the remote-access approach applies, as we can come directly into your workstation just like you do, so assistance is available when you work, to fit your schedule, safely and securely.